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Enabling organizations to face systemic challenges

The right language to deal with systemic challenges

Systems Thinking makes the invisible forces of our organization become visible, facilitating our understanding of their relationships and dynamics. This systemic approach can deal better with the ever-changing and uncertain environment in which we have to make decisions. It allows us to figure out where the leverage points are to solve our interdependent and complex challenges

Jorge Nuñez
Once you work with Miguel´s System Thinking approach you suddenly start believing in magic, he knows far more of your problem than what you really do.

— Jorge Nuñez

CEO AdQuiver Trade Desk

Miguel Pantaleon

After my experience facilitating strategic decision-making for businesses and organizations in UK, Spain, and Mexico, I have understood that organizations are run by interdependent feedback loops that affect performance, but are not visible in the day-to-day work. I help to translate complexity into plain language to make decisions in a simpler and more effective way, making strategy design robust and failure resistant.  As an entrepreneur, I have launched four startups and many personal projects. I have come to realize that the main source of failure in all of them was the difficulty to make sense of the environmental and internal complexity to make effective decisions. Complexity is caused by interdependency, change and the lack of adequate tools and methodologies to manage them.


A half-day training for Social Organizations