How do we create complexity with our decisions?

We live and work in more complex environments than ever before, but much of this complexity is generated by our decisions. The higher our position and responsibility in the organisation, the more complexity we generate.   In my opinion, it is caused because we are ill-equipped to perceive the long-term consequences of our decisions. We[…]

Simplifying complexity in Digital Business

The advertising industry has continuously been innovating to improve its performance and the results of its clients, but the massive penetration of the digital technology has transformed the whole sector. Despite the disruption of modern technology, it is not easy to innovate in this new rich environment because of lack of holistic vision in the[…]

Dynamic limits of growth

One of the common limits of business growth is the lack of strategy design or strategic decision-making. It is usually caused by the leaders´ day-to-day workload, that keeps them focused on “events” instead of the causes of the problems. Being able to make successful business decisions only requires the understanding of why the business behaves[…]

The tyranny of the job title

Imagine that today is your first day in a new job. You know your areas of work and responsibilities, but nobody has told you what your job title is. When you get to the office you realize that no one has a job title, there are only desks, computers and people working. Stop reading for[…]

What I learnt about engagement from my 5 year old son

I´m a father of two 5 and 3 year old children. Last week, the eldest wanted to play football in the living room and, after a hard negotiation, we ended up playing Lego. Lego bricks were the ideal gift for his 5th birthday, only a few months ago, but now they are almost forgotten. Why[…]