Simplifying decision making

Enabling SMEs and startups to use their own knowledge to design a successful and sustainable business

Understanding customers

Making sense of customer needs and market trends to evolve your product or service

Ensuring the business model

Understanding the business dynamic to design a responsive and sustainable business model

Cost efficiency

Designing the right structure and processes to reduce costs and optimise profit

Enabling growth

Designing the path to take your business to the next level

About me

Systems Thinker

After my experience facilitating strategic decision-making for businesses and organizations in UK, Spain, and Mexico, I have understood that businesses are run by interdependent feedback loops that affect performance, but are not visible in the day-to-day work. I help to translate complexity into plain language to make decisions in a simpler and more effective way, making strategy design robust and failure resistant.

As an entrepreneur, I have launched four startups and many personal projects. I have come to realize that the main source of failure in all of them was the difficulty to make sense of the environmental and internal complexity to make effective decisions. Complexity is caused by interdependency, change and the lack of adequate tools and methodologies to manage them.

Partner at Ideas Infinitas

Ideas Infinitas is a strategy innovation consultancy based in Spain and Mexico, specialised in introducing innovation into strategy design in private and public organisations. As a part of Ideas Infinitas I worked with:
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