Removing obstacles to growth

A straightforward approach to manage complexity and facilitate strategic design for leaders.

I serve my clients to make easier and more effective strategic decisions to grow their businesses, by facilitating the understanding of:


Why performance can’t be improved and meet the goals

Mental models, organizational culture, reward policies or isolated departmental structure prevent us from improving people´s collaboration, performance and productivity.


Why the issues can’t be solved and are recurrent

What we perceive as problems are usually symptoms of a deeper structure that causes them. To make this structure visible is necessary to get access to the source of the problems and fix them.


Why talented people can’t be retained

Businesses are purposeful social systems formed by purposeful individuals. We need to align business ends, means and values with the ends, means and values of the people that comprise our business.


Why business resources are drained

Increment in productivity requires the understanding of the business as a whole, which allows us to redesign actions and interactions to use resources in a more effective and efficient way.


This systemic approach of strategy reduces business complexity because it is focused on the relationship among all the elements that influence the business instead of isolated events, data or information.

The process consists of three simple steps:


Observe business’ behaviour, connect the dots, and identify the interdependencies


Identify the leverage point to improve business performance with minimum effort


Remove obstacles to growth with a sustainable solution

About me

Strategy and Systemic Innovation Advisor

As an entrepreneur, I have launched four startups and many personal projects. I have come to realize that the main source of failure in all of them was the difficulty to make sense of the environmental and internal complexity to make effective decisions. Complexity is caused by interdependency, change and the lack of adequate tools and methodologies to manage them.

After my experience facilitating strategic decision-making for businesses and organizations in UK, Spain, and Mexico, I have understood that businesses are run by interdependent feedback loops that affect performance, but are not visible in the day-to-day work. I help to translate complexity into plain language to make decisions in a simpler and more effective way, making strategy design robust and failure resistant.


Ideas Infinitas is a strategy innovation consultancy based in Spain and Mexico, specialized in introducing innovation into strategy design in private and public organizations

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